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Floating house: an opportunity to live on the water

Floating house: an opportunity to live on the water


For your fishing, hunting, or if you like water and unobstructed views, the floating house remains an ideal solution.

Indeed, a floating house fulfills the same functions as a traditional house and keeps its balance regardless of the water level.

In addition, it retains the same advantages as a traditional house: spacious and bright rooms, large bay windows as well as modern equipment.

Designed mainly with renewable and recyclable materials, the floating house responds to environmental concerns and offers many indisputable advantages.

The assembly process is simple. It can be quickly disassembled and reassembled, without damaging the environment.

The floating house also has the advantage of being easily transportable, so it can be moved as you wish.

Furthermore, the floating house adapts easily to climatic conditions. This structure resists better than concrete in flooded areas, since it will float in the event of rising water.

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Built as a kit, the floating house costs less than a traditional house and consumes less energy.

As the floating house is not connected to the city gas distribution network or to running water. It is therefore important that it be autonomous from an energy point of view. The solar panels adapt easily and the wood stove is ideal for heating.

A rainwater recovery system can be integrated to meet domestic purposes that do not require drinking water (flushing, watering, washing floors, etc.)

Finally, if you need, over the years, to enlarge or reorganize your house, the extension of a metal structure is much easier to do than in a traditional house. You can simply change the layout of the modules, or add more.